Practice eligibility

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 Health Care Homes practices must:

  • Participate in the Health Care Homes training program.
  • Use the patient identification tool.
  • Register and connect to the My Health Record system, and:
    • Ensure all enrolled patients have a My Health Record.
    • contribute up-to-date clinically relevant information to patients’ My Health Record.
  • Develop, implement and regularly review each patient’s shared care plan.
  • Provide care coordination using a team-based approach.
  • Ensure that all team members have roles which utilise their qualifications and allow them to work to their scope of practice.
  • Provide enhanced in-house access for enrolled patients through in-hours support.
  • Ensure that enrolled patients have access to after hours care and are aware of how to access after-hours care.
  • Collect data for the evaluation of stage one and for internal quality improvement processes.

Also see the Readiness checklist.