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Health Care Homes patients will be in one of three (3) tiers:

Tier 1: Multiple morbidity, low complexity

  • Make up approximately 10% of the population
  • Are largely high functioning but would gain significant long term benefits from improved engagement and structured primary health care support

Tier 2: Increasing complex multiple morbidity

  • Make up approximately 9% of the population
  • Most should be managed in the primary health care setting
  • Have an increased risk of potentially avoidable ED presentations and hospitalisations as their conditions worsen or if not well supported
  • Require clinical coordination and non-clinical coordination
  • Will benefit from self-management support

Tier 3: Highly complex multiple morbidity

  • Make up approximately 1% of the population
  • Many require ongoing clinical care within an acute setting (e.g. severe and treatment resistant mental illness)
  • Require a high level of clinical coordinated care
  • Some could be supported through better access to palliative care

For more detail, see the Patient eligibility factsheet.

A universal patient identification tool is under development.