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User Guide

Detailed help for using this wiki is at the User Guide. The most common functions are explained below.

How to edit

To edit you will need to be a registered user. The About article explains who can be registered. Once logged in, you click the Edit link at the top of the article. This will take you to the editing screen, which uses Visual Editor, so it's pretty much the same as using a simple version of Word.

There is the option to Edit source but most people won't need to use it.

How to create a link

  1. Edit the article.
  2. Use your mouse to highlight the text you want to be the link.
  3. From the editing menu at the top of the page, click the link icon (it looks like two links in a chain).
  4. Set the page to link to. Note that you have two options: link to a page within the wiki; or link to a page on an external website.

The above steps are for when using the Visual Editor (which is the default editing mode). If you prefer to use the source mode, surround the text with double square brackets (see the User Guide for more detail on using Links).

How to create a page

There are 2 main ways to create a new page:

  1. From a link
    • Some pages contain links to other pages that don't exist yet. New page links are coloured red, hence they're sometimes called "red links".
    • To start one of these new pages, you click on its link.
    • You can edit an existing page to create the "red link" yourself. For example, adding a link called New page name in the wiki editor will create a new page link to the page "New page name".
  2. From a search
    • Type the name of the page that doesn't exist in the Search box, and start the search. The search results will have a new page link to the page, e.g. Create the page "New page name" on this wiki!
    • Click on the link and you will be starting to create the new page.

Writing tips

Here are tips for writing articles (or sections of articles).

  1. Make it useful.
    • What do you know that might be useful to others?
    • What would they already know?
    • What extra information will they need to be able to understand the point?
    • Which terms would they already know and which would need explanation?
  2. ‘Good enough’ is good enough. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just good enough. It's a wiki, so other people may come along and tweak it.
  3. Keep it simple. Use the shortest words you can think of that convey your thoughts. Use the shortest sentences you can.
    • You don't have to change much. Even if you spot a single word that, if changed, would improve the article, go ahead!

Guidelines for collaboration

When interacting with people on the wiki:

  • Be respectful. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t write it.
  • Be empathetic. Remember that not everyone knows what you know or has your particular perspective. Don’t assume detailed knowledge and provide context to explain your perspective.
  • Be clear. People want answers quickly, so be practical. Focus on brevity and clarity in your contributions. Keep jargon to a minimum that people involved in Health Care Homes could be expected to be familiar with.
  • This is a freely-accessible public online space.


  • This wiki is moderated. Defamatory or inflammatory comment may be quarantined immediately. The moderator may contact you to discuss content/comments
  • Discussion is encouraged. Registered users can discuss the content of articles using the Discussion tab on each page.
  • Political comment will be removed. Repeated posting of political comment may result in account privileges being removed.